ECDV programme is in CET (Central European Summer time)

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Domestic violence in specific communities

  • Domestic violence and older people
  • Domestic violence and children and young people
  • Domestic violence and LGBTI issues
  • Domestic violence involving ethnic minorities/indigenous peoples
  • Domestic violence and human trafficking
  • Domestic violence in the context of migration
  • Forced marriage
  • Honour based violence

Intervention / protection

  • Approaches to Prevention and Intervention
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Victim support professionals and practice
  • The state and social policy
  • Intervention programs for perpetrators
  • The health system and domestic violence
  • Domestic violence and the justice/legal system
  • Ethical issues in intervention
  • Sexual violence within intimate partner relationships
  • Technology assisted domestic violence
  • Tackling stalking


  • The prevention of domestic violence
  • Domestic violence and formal education systems
  • Media and other representations of domestic violence

Broader contexts

  • The role of social and feminist movements in combatting domestic violence
  • Gender equality and domestic violence
  • Intersectionality of domestic violence
  • Me Too in Slovenia - #Jaztudi (responses and reactions)
  • Domestic violence, gender – based violence and politics
  • Homicide and femicide

Research issues

  • Research and intervention methods

Children and young people

  • Children as victims of domestic violence
  • Violence and abuse in young people’s intimate relationships
  • Children in the context of parental separation
  • Approaches to prevention and intervention with children and young people

Open Session

  • For anyone that cannot find suitable theme or sub-theme