Cathy Humphreys is Professor of Social Work at University of Melbourne, Australia. She has produced an extensive body of work in both the UK, where she worked for 12 years at the University of Warwick, and since 2006, a multi-million dollar program of research in Australia in the areas of domestic and family violence and out of home care. Cathy is co-director of the Melbourne Alliance to End Violence Against Women and Their Children (MAEVe) which was established in 2015 to draw together academics from across the University of Melbourne who are active in research in this area.



Responding to children living with domestic abuse in the context of their relationships
Children and young people have much to tell us about living with domestic abuse and the responses that they need. This presentation will start with their voices and what that might mean for the responsiveness of the service system to their needs. In particular issues in relation to: their individual needs; strengthening the mother-child relationship; intervening with fathers who use violence; and the possibilities of ‘all of family’ responses will be explored. The presentation will draw from the work of a team of Australia researchers based at the University of Melbourne.