September 13th - 15th 2021 | LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA


September 13th - 15th 2021 | LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA


As the Covid-19 pandemic is still spreading and despite promising news on the availability of a vaccine, the uncertainty about the future has been impacting on us all, and the decisions we feel able to make. The organisers of the conference are aware that many people need to be sure that they can participate in the conference next year without having physical contact but still have a convenient place to meet and exchange their research findings or practical experiences with fellow colleagues from around the world. 

Given the current situation and ongoing uncertainty about what might be possible in September 2021 we have concluded that changes to the conference may be necessary in the event that we are not able to meet in person.

We are of the view that delivering the conference online may become a necessity. We have explored this option and the conference centre we have booked for the event next year, Cankarjev dom, are developing considerable experience in running such online conferences, as they have a third international virtual conference right now. The programme they are able to offer includes all the usual keynote and parallel sessions and poster presentations, alongside the facility for delegates to meet and mingle during breaks, have meetings with friends and colleagues, and other kind of side events that are partly a substitute for meeting face to face.

We are still hoping to be able to organise an onsite conference, so we are proceeding with both scenarios. While this is additional work for the conference organising committee we are happy to do this, as the need for connection and sharing our work is as great as ever. The final decision on whether we will proceed with an online or onsite conference will be taken at the beginning of February 2021.

The introduction of the online conference will likely allow a greater number of people to submit their abstracts, therefore:

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DEADLINE IS EXTENDED TO THE 28th FEBRUARY 2021. This deadline will allow people to submit their abstract after the final decision about whether the conference is onsite or online has been made. We still strongly recommend that you send abstracts as soon as possible as this will ease the workload of reviewers.

Because of the change in the deadline for the submission of abstracts, we are also announcing the following changes:

Notice of acceptance of abstracts will be sent by 30th April 2021.

Registration for the conference will be opened from 30th April 2021.

In case of the conference being online the registration fees will be lowered to a single rate of 150 EURO per participant.

Thank you for your patience and understanding – and we look forward to welcoming you to the conference next September.

The organisers of the conference in Ljubljana decided to add a small personal touch to the conference and that is to promote Slovene women artists that are directly or indirectly addressing violence. We present the work of five women artists: Nina Koželj whose work is used as a logo of the conference, here below is Tina Dobrajc and in the following pages you will meet Anja Kranjc, Vanja Bučan and Jasmina Vidmar. For more information about the individual artists click on their picture.